• On the 2nd of September 2020, eight new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were reported by the Ministry of
Public Health. The total number of cases reported in Thailand is currently 3,425.
• Of these cases, 95.6% (3,274) have recovered, 1.7% (58) have died and 2.7% (93) are still receiving treatment.
• Four of the newly confirmed cases are in US citizens who travelled to Thailand for employment. The additional 4
cases are in repatriated Thai citizens, including 2 who arrived from the US, one from Australia and one from Japan.
All eight cases were asymptomatic.
• No new deaths were reported today.
• In the past 100 days, all COVID-19 cases detected in Thailand have been in people who were infected in other
countries and were diagnosed after arriving in Thailand (there have been no reported cases due to local
transmission). Despite this milestone, members of the public must continue to follow preventive measures including
distancing, regular handwashing, avoiding touching the face, wearing masks when visiting crowded places and
coughing only into a folded elbow or a tissue (which should be disposed of safely).